Limited editions of 800 each character --- Available from the studio are the three characters pictured along the bottom of this photo below. Sold as a Trio Set of Grumm, Latersose, and Bungo---approximately 30 sets remain. Martin the Warrior and Matthias editions have completely sold.
Laterose and Grumm are four inches tall---Bungo is a wee inch.5
N'uncle Grumm and nephew Bungo in London's original clay form at the studio before they went to mold making, casting, and painting. 
In 2006 at the Pleasanton Library in California, author Brian Jacques posed with Merna Chance and the #800/800 Limited Edition of Martin the Warrior. 

Brian hand signed Martin's box for Merna. She saw Brian Jacques just one more time after this appearance, in Berkeley, CA.