About Julie London, the sculptor

American artist Julie London, photographed below in 1994 sculpting a miniature of the Empress Hotel of Victoria, British Columbia. Having once considered vows to the 3rd Order Franciscans, London sculpted the Mother Teresa in 1994 "out of appreciation for Mother Teresa's devotion to her life's work." Also, known as "The Redwall Sculptor," London depicted sculptural illustrations to a children's novel by author Brian Jacques with permission of Random House and the Redwall Abbey Company, LTD, UK.

Julie is a fine draftsman, detailed in craftmanship. From 1994-2002, London engineered molds for her scupltures, hand cast, painted, and shipped replicas directly to customers out of her USA based studio. 
To view Julie London's current work at her USA based studio visit: www.mysticnaturephotography.com